Thought Leadership

The Hub will act as a forum to facilitate important discussions between academics and entrepreneurs from the Hub with senior policy makers and leading industry experts.

The Hub plans to organise three academic and policy conferences, possibly in conjunction with Algorand partner universities or with other leading universities. These conferences plan to bring together leading academics in the areas of the work streams as well as senior policy makers and industry participants.

The intergovernmental fintech working group (IFWG) is the premiere forum for fintech discussions on the intersection of industry and policy in South Africa. It brings together over 200 industry participants and government officials and so far has been sponsored by the South African Reserve Bank. Home to the South African Research Chair, the Financial Innovation Hub will host the annual IFWG meetings in Cape Town.
Furthermore, the Hub will organise ad-hoc industry and policy workshops on specific topics. Practitioner workshops with industry experts will provide a great environment to build a network of contacts.

Central Bank Digital Currencies in Africa

Across the world, central banks are starting to see the advantages of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s). 90% of central banks in the world are exploring issuing a digital currency, with a growing number of them being on the African continent. As more African central banks explore the feasibility and advantages of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) through trials and research there is a clear need for Pan African collaboration.

The inaugural Algorand-UCT Financial Innovation Hub CBDC workshop brings together representatives from various African Central Banks, leading academics, and representatives from industry to discuss the impact of CBDC’s and ongoing payment innovations. The workshop will have two panel sessions that explore African Central Banks and their Digital Currencies and CBDC’s and ongoing payments innovation.  

African Countries Exploring CBDCs

South Africa