African Startup Awards

June 14, 2022

Cape Town

On 14 June, Anda Ngcaba, our Chief of Operations (COO) participated in a panel discussion at the African Startup Awards. The theme of the panel was “Unlocking Africa’s Growth and Cascading Opportunities Through Blockchain and Digital Assets”. During this panel discussion, Anda emphasised the importance of education if the African continent wishes to take advantage of the opportunities blockchain presents.

The panel discussion explored real-world use cases of Blockchain in the African market and the growing recognition for the role technology plays in addressing some of Africa’s greatest challenges. Anda stressed the importance of Africans leveraging blockchain to change how they engage in politics, economics, finance and society.

"Blockchain education is important. We need people to come together to show the strength of what blockchain can do for the ecosystem"…"Blockchain has so much potential. The African continent needs blockchain as much as blockchain needs the African continent." – Anda  Ngcaba