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March 2023 | Volume 4
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Annual Fintech Class Tour

The Hub acts as a forum to facilitate important discussions between academics and entrepreneurs from the Hub with senior policy makers and leading industry experts.

The Hub organises at least one academic and policy conference every year, usually in conjunction with Algorand partner universities or with other leading universities. These conferences aim to bring together leading academics in our five research area work streams, as well as senior policy makers and industry participants.

The intergovernmental fintech working group (IFWG) is the premiere forum for fintech discussions on the intersection of industry and policy in South Africa. It brings together over 200 industry participants and government officials and so far has been sponsored by the South African Reserve Bank. Home to the South African Research Chair, the Financial Innovation Hub will host the annual IFWG meetings in Cape Town.

Furthermore, the Hub organises ad-hoc industry and policy workshops on specific topics such as practitioner workshops with industry experts which will provide a great environment to build networks.

News from around the Hub

The University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub (FinHub) is excited to announce the upcoming FinHub Hack Series I 2023. The FinHub Hack Series is a recurring Web 3.0-focused hackathon that provides a nurturing environment for participants to develop solutions on the Algorand blockchain without the typical hackathon time constraints, enabling them to create more realistic and sustainable solutions.
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Blockchain Africa Conference 2023
The FinHub team recently attended the ninth edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg. The conference has been attended by more than 9000 individuals from 160 countries since its inception in 2015, making it one of the most prominent blockchain-oriented conferences on the continent.
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UZH Blockchain Center
Bingle Kruger, a PhD student in Computer Science from UCT, is spending six months at the University of Zürich (UZH) Blockchain Center on an exchange.
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Introducing: Practitioner Seminars
This series was created to expose our students to exceptional individuals in the African Fintech space working on innovative solutions to address the large unbanked population on our continent. Because it has attracted so much interest from students across campus outside the Fintech Masters degree, we've decided to open up attendance to all students interested in fintech and related topics.
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Ace Conference 2023
In January 2023, the inaugural ACE Conference was held at Hotel Arts in Barcelona, allowing ACE teams to present their work, collaborate and network. As one of the lead recipients of the ACE programme in Africa, the FinHub team and three graduate students were invited to attend the conference.
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Decipher 2022
As part of the annual study tour, the FinHub team and the MPhil in FinTech students attended the highly anticipated Decipher 2022 conference held by Algorand in Dubai from November 28-30, 2022.
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