April 21, 2023

Cape Town, South Africa


The University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub (FinHub) is excited to announce the upcoming FinHub Hack Series I 2023. The FinHub Hack Series is a recurring Web 3.0-focused hackathon that provides a nurturing environment for participants to develop solutions on the Algorand blockchain without the typical hackathon time constraints, enabling them to create more realistic and sustainable solutions. Moreover, the FinHub Hack Series provides an opportunity for participants to learn and grow their skills, collaborate with other talented individuals, and create real-world solutions with a uniquely African focus.


The FinHub Hack Series I theme is “Blockchain for Sustainability: Hacking Solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals”. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a comprehensive framework for addressing social, economic, and environmental issues around the world. With blockchain's potential to improve transparency, security, and accountability, it has become a powerful tool for achieving the SDGs.

FinHub Hack Series I Timeline: 

The FinHub Hack Series I will run for approximately three months, starting in April with the FinHub Workshop Series.   


15th March - 10th April

FinHub Workshop Series 

11th April - 19th April

Opening Ceremony

20th April

Design Dash/Hackathon Commences 

20th April

Solution Deadline

20th June 

Top Three Teams Announced 

30th June 

Winning Team Announced 

28th July 

Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving 

28th July 

FinHub Workshop Series:

The FinHub Workshop Series aims to bootstrap those unfamiliar with blockchain into Algorand smart contract development in 6 hours spread across 6 days. The content covers the necessary theory and walks through multiple smart contract examples. These workshops are perfect for those who want to enter the FinHub Hack Series but do not have the required skills, or anyone interested in simply learning the basics of developing on the Algorand blockchain. Topics include: blockchain fundamentals, decentralized applications, on-chain storage, NFTs, and more.


Date and Time:

April 11th - 17:00

April 12th - 17:00

April 13th - 17:00

April 18th - 17:00

April 19th - 17:00

April 20th - 17:00

The Workshop Series will be held in SNAPE TS2A on UCT Upper Campus.

FinHub Hack Series I Objectives: 

This event aims to bring together developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to create innovative solutions using blockchain technology to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today. 

  1. Ecosystem Growth & Education: Our two-week workshop is focused on introducing the practical skills of developing on the Algorand blockchain with just enough theoretical knowledge of the ecosystem to be able to hit the ground running when entering the hackathon.
  2. Encourage innovation: The hackathon aims to encourage innovative thinking by providing a platform for participants to brainstorm and develop new solutions using blockchain technology. We hope to inspire participants to think creatively about how blockchain can be used to address some of the most pressing sustainability challenges.
  3. Promote collaboration: Collaboration is a key component of the hackathon, and we hope to foster a collaborative environment where participants can work together to develop innovative solutions. The event will provide an opportunity for participants to network, learn from each other, and collaborate on projects.
  4. Create impact: The ultimate goal of the FinHub Hack Series is to create solutions that can positively impact the world. By focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we hope to develop solutions that can help address social, economic, and environmental issues around the world.
  5. Support entrepreneurship: The hackathon aims to support entrepreneurship by providing participants with the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to turn their ideas into viable solutions. We hope to inspire participants to think about how they can use blockchain technology to create innovative businesses that can positively impact the world.
  6. Raise awareness: Finally, the hack series aims to raise awareness about the potential of blockchain technology to address sustainability challenges. By showcasing the innovative solutions developed at the hackathon, we hope to inspire others to think about how they can use blockchain to positively impact the world.


The FinHub Hack Series I is open to all University of Cape Town students interested in using blockchain technology to address sustainability challenges. We encourage participation from students in various faculties and disciplines to create multidisciplinary teams with diverse perspectives and skill sets. We believe that bringing together students from different backgrounds can foster a collaborative environment that promotes innovative thinking and problem-solving. 

Participants will have access to workshops, mentorship, and resources to help them develop their ideas and turn them into viable solutions. We encourage all students with an interest in sustainability and blockchain technology to join us for this exciting event and help create a better future for all.

Team Size:

The FinHub Hack Series welcomes teams of 2 to 4 individuals to participate in this unique event. We believe that this team size is optimal for fostering collaboration, creativity, and productivity while also allowing for a diverse range of skills and perspectives to be brought to the table.

Submission Criteria: 

  • Submissions must relate to the theme of the hackathon.
  • Submissions must include a frontend to interact with the produced application.
  • Submissions must make use of Algorand smart contracts.
  • The smart contracts must be deployed to TestNet.
  • The frontend can be deployed to a publicly accessible URL OR locally deployable.
  • If on a publicly available URL, submissions must include a valid link.
  • If locally deployable, instructions must be given.

Judging Criteria: 

  • Novelty - how original is the concept?
  • Blockchain Fit - does the solution really need blockchain?
  • Impact - how much potential impact does the solution have?
  • Implementation - how sound is the business logic and is the code maintainable?
  • User experience - how smooth are the interactions for the end user?

Prizes & Awards 

To incentivise participation, the top three teams will receive a prize comprising of a partial bursary and cash. We acknowledge that high tuition fees are a significant issue to many, so this is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their skills and creativity and receive financial support towards their education.

The cash component of the prize will be as follows: 

  • Winning Team - R50,000 
  • Runner Up - R25,000
  • Third Prize - R10,000

Bursary Award: 

  • Winning Team - R75,000
  • Runner Up - R50,000
  • Third Prize - R25,000 

In addition to this, each participant will also be given access to a collection of AlgoFoundry courses that cover Algorand content complimentary to our workshops. Each course in the collection is valued between R4000 and R9000 and provides a certificate upon completion. To further incentivise the use of these great courses, additional prizes will be awarded to those who obtain at least one certificate.

The FinHub Hack Series I 2023 is an excellent opportunity for students, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and creativity while addressing sustainable development goals using blockchain technology. The event promises to provide an unparalleled experience for attendees to learn, grow, and create innovative solutions that will make a difference in Africa and beyond. 

Update: Congrats to the 2023 winning teams: Torquinox (Thunderdome), Tata-Imali and TruTec.