Algorand Developer Greenhouse

September 26, 2022


Asia Crypto Week is a week where blockchain enthusiasts and industry veterans from around the world get together for a series of independently organised blockchain events. The week is primarily anchored on the world's premier crypto event - Token2049 Singapore, and concludes with the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Asia Crypto Week took place this year from 26th September to 2nd October 2022. The event, hosted at the Flower Dome in the Marina Bay Gardens, consisted of Tech Talks which involved presentations on the ecosystem as a whole and Hack Shack which involved developer workshops.

Software developers Gary Lu and Julian Kanjere had the opportunity to attend the Algorand Tech Talk on Tuesday and the inaugural Algorand Greenhouse Hack Shack on Wednesday and Thursday.

During the tech talks on the first day, the team at Applied Blockchain presented a session on London Bridge - a secure bridge between the Algorand and Ethereum blockchains, which allows the transfer of tokens between the former and the latter network leveraging the additional security of Algorand state proofs and trusted execution environments (Intel SGX). "This was particularly intriguing as data privacy and security is one of the major themes at the Financial Innovation Hub," Julian Kanjere.

The Beaker framework built on PyTeal, the Algorand smart contract language binding on Python, was presented during the week. The framework allows you to focus solely on business logic without worrying about the PyTeal boilerplate that has to go with it. Gary believes it is an absolute game-changer in every way.

In addition, there was also a session about the AlgoKit - a productised version of developer tools for Algorand that will be released in the next few months. AlgoKit, whose tagline is "a single tool to go from concept to main net'' will have tools that include a command line tool for initiating and managing projects, a one-click network simulator and a VS Code plugin which is similar to Truffle, Ganache and the VS Code solidity plugin by Juan Blanco.

"The Algorand Developer Greenhouse was a massive success in my eyes, and I can't wait to attend future iterations of the event. The Algorand ecosystem has come a long way, and I am so incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of it," Gary Lu.