Decipher 2022

November 28, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As part of the annual study tour, the FinHub team and the MPhil in FinTech students attended the highly anticipated Decipher 2022 conference held by Algorand in Dubai from November 28-30, 2022. The event marked the second annual gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and strategists who came together to discuss the future of the Algorand ecosystem. In addition, the tour aimed to provide the students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and insights into the rapidly evolving fintech industry in the Middle East.

The conference featured an incredible lineup of speakers, including Algorand's Founder, Silvio Micali, and the Algorand Foundation's CEO, Staci Warden. The programme offered a comprehensive view of the latest developments, new feature launches, and technical workshops on the Algorand blockchain.

Our students had the unique opportunity to interact with Micali and attend interviewing boot camps led by Warden and COO Deirdre Halligan. These sessions gave the students invaluable insights into the rapidly growing fintech sector and offered guidance on preparing for a career in this dynamic field. In addition, the students participated in a round of speed interviews for various internship opportunities at Algorand.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for students and the team to expand their knowledge and understanding of Algorand and network with key industry players.

During the trip, we visited various fintech companies and financial institutions, such as Dubai International Financial Center and Postpay. In addition to learning about the latest trends and innovations in fintech, the students also had the opportunity to network with their peers and build relationships with potential future employers.

While the tour's primary focus was educational, the team and students also had the chance to explore and enjoy the vibrant city of Dubai and its cultural attractions.

The Hub and MPhil in Fintech program is committed to providing students with unique opportunities to advance their understanding of the fintech landscape.

In conclusion, Decipher 2022 was an exceptional event that allowed our students and the team to gain critical insights into the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology. We look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and continued growth in this exciting field!